Temporary Work Visas

Temporary Work Visas

Temporary work visas are available for individual workers with skills required in Australia, or through a nominated employer who wish to sponsor and employee from overseas.

Temporary Work
457 / TSS

In March 2018 the Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) Visa will replace the Temporary Work (skilled) 457 Visa.

Visa Subclass 407

The Training Visa Subclass 407 allow you to take part in workplace-based training to enhance your skills in your current occupation, area of tertiary study or field of expertise.

This includes participation in a professional development training program located in Australia. This Visa is solely for training purposes and not suitable if your intention is to work in Australia.


You may be eligible for this visa if:

  • you are sponsored by an organisation who is an approved temporary activities sponsor
  • an existing training and research sponsor or a professional development sponsor provides sponsorship where your application is lodged on or before 18 May 2017
  • the occupational training is provided directly by the sponsor (unless an exemption exists)
  • the occupational training meets the criteria for one of the nomination eligibility types.

Length of Visa

2 years

Temporary Activities
Visa Subclass 408

The Temporary Activities Visa Subclass 408 allows you to come to Australia on a temporary basis for a variety of activities.

These include:

  • to work in the entertainment industry.
  • participate in activities at the invitation of an Australian organisation.
  • participate or observe in an Australian research project.
  • work in a skilled position under a staff exchange arrangement.
  • participate in high-level sports competitions or sports training programs.
  • participate in a special programme approved by the department that provides opportunities for youth exchange, cultural enrichment or community benefits.
  • do full-time religious work.
  • be employed as a superyacht crew member.
  • do full-time domestic work in the household of certain senior foreign executives.
  • participate in a government endorsed event.


You might be able for the Temporary Activities Subclass 408 visa if you:

  • are supported by an organization or individual in Australia to undertake a specific activity and you apply outside Australia and intend to stay in Australia for three months or less.
  • are sponsored by an approved sponsor to undertake a specific activity and you apply in Australia or apply outside Australia and intend to stay in Australia for more than three months.

Length of Visa

If invited by an organization to participate in a specific event – 3 months.

If participating in Australian government activities – 4 years

All other activities – 2 years

Temporary Work
(Short Stay Specialist)
Visa Subclass 400

The Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) Visa Subclass 400 is for people who want to travel to Australia to do short-term, highly specialised work.

In general, the visa period is for three months but up to six months may be considered if the stay is supported by a strong business case. In limited circumstances, the visa is for participation in activity or work relating to Australia’s national interests.


You might be eligible for the Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) Visa Subclass 400 if you:

  • have specialised skills, knowledge or experience that can assist Australian business, or
  • are required in Australia for exceptional circumstances of national importance, such as to assist following a natural disaster.

You must be outside Australia when you apply for this visa and at the time your visa application is assessed.

Length of Visa

Up to 3 months (6 months in limited circumstances)

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