Visa Work Rights Compliance

Are your employees working within their conditions?


There are nearly half a million people working in Australia on some sort of temporary visa. These people generally have some sort of a work restriction placed on their visa and it is your obligation as an employer to ensure that you have checked these limitations and that they are eligible for employment.

There is also a further obligation to maintain these checks every 3 months. It is easy for this to become unmanageable if you do not have a dedicated person in charge of this role.

At Four Points Immigration, we have a comprehensive audit program to ensure all of your employees are working in accordance with their conditions. If you have never done checks yourself, we can check with our system and set you up with a regime that will ensure compliance.

With the upcoming ATO data matching, it is more important than ever to ensure that all your 457 holders are working for the right salary and in the correct occupation as well as monitoring Student Visa hours and Working Holiday tenure in your business.

If we find a problem we can assist you to rectify it immediately ensuring that you are not later subject to court action.

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