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Justin Browne

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About Our Client

Our client was a highly respected Professor working with many organisations that assist people with disabilities. He had made over 300 visits to Australia previously on a variety of tourist and short-term business visas. We were concerned that due to some tightening of visa conditions he was potentially going to be in breach of various work conditions. He is considered to be a world leader in the training of people who work with people with disabilities every day and had more than 10 organisations who required his assistance with implementation of the NDIS.

The Problem

Our client was over 60 years of age and had a dependent son who was 21 years old. As the visa has age limits on the visa applicants we had an additional burden of proof that the applicant would continue to be of benefit to Australia for the years to come. The Distinguished Talent visa is a rare visa with less than 200 approved per year, so understandably the application needs to be very thorough and supported with a substantial amount of evidence.

The Solution

We worked with the applicant to source from over 30 organisations letters of support for both his past and future contributions to their endeavours. This was important to not only establish his existing talent but to also ensure that the Department was satisfied that he would continue to work in the future. We also sourced his 21-year-old dependant's university records and other items to prove his son was still dependant on his parents, despite being over 18 years of age. We coordinated the leading body, the Australian Federation of Disability Organisations to be his key sponsor and provide the relevant supporting documents. Finally, we prepared a detailed submission to tie it all together, addressing each clause in the regulation and how it applied to the applicant. We were very excited when we received this visa grant and our client can now happily come and go lawfully and provide a great benefit to the Australian community.

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