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About Our Client

Our client was the suppliers of Tunnel Boring Machines. They are a fascinating and very complex piece of equipment and they are used in road construction and mine sites. The company had several of their machines active in North Queensland on mine sites and had service agreements with the companies that were utilising the machines. The machines require highly specialised technicians to service and repair these machines and any downtime on a machine can cost millions of dollars in lost production, hence it is crucial they can respond immediately to requests.

The Problem

The short-stay visas in place at the time had processing times around two to four weeks and also had restrictions on entry and applying for extensions on-shore. As some projects were not able to be specifically timelined due to the nature of drilling itself it was a high-risk proposition to not have their technicians available to enter Australia within 24 hours or a request. The company was concerned about their obligations industrially and with regards to tax and superannuation as they were unsure if some of the applicants would be in Australia on a longer-term basis. They had already received the ability to sponsor in Australia on 457 visas.

The Solution

We had identified 14 people who required access to the country over the coming two to three years for unspecified durations. Our first job was to liaise with one of our partners, an accounting firm and work through all of the tax and other issues to ensure we were recommending the best option. We then lodged visa applications for all the required employees. As they were on high incomes there was not a high level of supporting documents required, so we were able to streamline both the process and the cost for our client. As the applicants were coming in and out of the country quite often, we assisted with the monitoring of the applicants through the life of their applications. We also then assisted the applicants with the cancellation of their visas and recuperation of their superannuation when the companies Australian contracts were completed. The ability to provide batch processing with consistent documentation and utilise the support of our partners in other disciplines ensured this was a highly successful outcome for all involved.

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