5 reasons you should be using a migration agent


Nov, 2017

Justin Browne

Justin Browne

Justin Browne is the CEO of Four Points Immigration.

5 reasons you should be using a migration agent

If you run or manage a business and are looking to sponsor employees from overseas countries, you may be wondering how difficult this is. Sponsoring overseas workers can give you access to a larger talent pool, particularly if the skills you need are hard to find in Australia.

But sponsoring employees can be an overwhelming and confusing.  This is the primary reason why 86% of employer-sponsored applications are handled by migration agents in Australia.  Migration agents have the expertise and knowledge to ensure applications have a greater chance of success, and they also take a lot of the legwork out of collating and submitting the paperwork required for an application. Getting the process right the first time is difficult and working with a migration agent will take the headaches and uncertainty out of managing the process.

1.           Frequent changes in skilled occupation lists and migration requirements

In Australia, the approved skilled occupations list is updated every six months.

By the time you’ve put the effort in to learn about the approved occupations and their specific requirements, they may have changed.

Migration agents are kept up-to-date with changes by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) and it is their job to stay abreast of changes so that they can offer accurate advice.

2.           Visa applications are complex if you’ve never done one before

Visa applications require the completion of a lot of forms and certified documents.  These take time to collate and complete correctly.  This is often time business owners don’t have.

If you have never filled out the required forms, making mistakes is easy and can cause the process to take even longer. Migration agents know how to complete the forms as efficiently as possible and what is required leaving you to focus on your business.

3.           Easier to manage the application process

Rather than being a straightforward process, getting employees into the country often comes with a range of roadblocks and questions from the DIBP that you will need to address. These questions must be responded to in a timely manner for applications to proceed.

Migration agents are authorised to communicate with the DIBP on your behalf. They can handle each step, answer questions and source additional documents if they are required.  By using a migration agent, you won’t need to worry about following up or managing the application process.

4.           Familiarity with migration laws and processes

It’s a migration agent’s role to be compliant and knowledgeable on migration law. They must be qualified, registered with the Migration Agents Registration Authority and abide by guidelines and a code of ethics.

In addition, because migration agents handle hundreds of applications, they have systems and processes that streamline the application and the submission process. This includes software that tracks your applications and monitors compliance.  Failing to fulfil visa obligations, in particular from an employer perspective, can lead to fines and cancellation of approved sponsor status.  It’s the migration agents job to ensure this does not happen.

5.           Save you time

Visa applications require a lot of time filling out forms, submitting applications and handling the other tasks related to the migration process if you try to do it yourself. The time that you spend processing the paperwork is time taken away from running your business.

Migration agents take the time to know what you need and can take care of the rest.

Final Thoughts

The labour market in Australia is constantly changing, with many skills shortgages across a variety of industries.  This is why the DIBP updates the occupations list every 6 months.

Becoming an approved sponsor and establishing a relationship with a migration agent like Four Points Immigration ensures your business has access to a global talent pool.

If you are having difficulty filling vacancies that you have advertised nationally for a period of time, then get in contact with us.  We can help your business become an approved sponsor and give you access to the talent you need to grow your business.

Sources: Migration Agent Activity Report Jan – June 2017

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